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Do we know well about our own thought? Does though influence our health and success? Where does thought come from? Then what is the law of thought activity? What kind of thought is healthy and scientific? How to control ideas and thinking in our own brain?

You might never think over the problem of thought, you might be worrying about it, you might have been deeply hurt by it. Why are we always living in mood? Why do we worry constantly? Why are we ineffective? Why are there always a big distance between real result and our excepted goal? Why is the interpersonal relationship disharmonious? Why do we feel sick inexplicably? ¡­ All these might because of the rightness of our own thought.

Our work is only the tip of the iceberg of thought study. This is an area of studying general thought together. We study the activity of our own thought, consciousness in our brain and inner spiritual world here. We hope to recognize the truth of thought activity, find out the rule of thinking and have a healthier and happier life for ourselves.

Thought and Health
Simple Analysis of the Effect of Thought to Body
Human body is very clean, pure and ordered, and its emitted thought wave is also very ordered and regular. Weather to others or oneself, such wave can bring fine effect to body¡¯s cells and molecules. Ordered fine thought, likes an excellent drummer in symphony orchestra who can make all instruments to play in a same rhythm, will let body¡¯s cells and molecules arranged more regularly, moving more orderly and more vigorously. Moreover, it prompts immune system to improve vitality to eliminate and export ill products, which obstruct ordering of human body.
Belief in Good and Evil Directly Affects the Life Span
Over the last two decades, behavioral and social science research has found mounting evidence that behavioral, social and biological factors affect the human mortality rate. Scientists hypothesized, as one of the many premises, that people's concept of good and evil directly affect a human's life span.
    Power of Blessing Play>>>   
All kinds of blessing ceremonies for Wenchuan were held spontaneously all over the country after Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008. On the spots of ceremonies, people¡¯ sincere blessing represented through change of candlelight color and shape. These photos show us what is real fine heart.
Thought Experiment and Study

An Experiment of the Effect of Thought to Human Body

Through the experiment of thought to do good and do bad in a group, participants proved by themselves that whether the thought is right effects physical health directly. Physical health depends on thought health.

The Practice of Thought for Others

After studying and practicing my own thought, I found thought is not only human¡¯s conscious activity, but also a kind of material. It is an energy carrier, and can effect directly to human body and action. Thought could be fully touched, perceived, changed, controlled, developed and adjusted. Right (scientific) thought is programmed. But only when scientific thought integrates with and keep uniform with physical body and action, it will bring strong effect and huge change to life and living. We also found the tighter they link, the stronger positive effect the thought has.

Thought and Water Crystals

From 1994, Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto, refrigerated different kinds of natural water and shot photos with a high-speed camera as the droplets began to freeze. He demonstrated that water can copy, memorize, feel and communicate information. He also found that different thinking and consciousness can make water to form different water crystals. 60~75% of our bodies is water, so thought can effect our bodies as well.


Some questions about thought

  • Do you know about and control your own thought? What you want and what you think are under your control?
  • Current thought in your brain is a real yourself? Is it your real, inner, long-term requirement?
  • What is the definition of thought? What is the thought on earth?
  • Where does human thought come from? How does it change and develop?

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