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An Experiment of the Effect of Thought to Human Body

There was an experiment about the effect of thought change to human body in July, 1997. Around 900 persons took part in the experiment.
At the beginning, the principal investigator spoke to all participants with a smile:¡± People's need is our first choice. You are still students, and there is a long way in your future. You will take up a heavy responsibility, so you must have a solid foundation and have to do good. You prove this issue by yourselves now. Okay, please sit up straight! We will continue our experiment.¡±

  1. The experiment on the thought of doing good
    1. The method: ¡°Please think about that we want to love our party and our country, we want to do more good for people¡­¡± Following principal investigator¡¯s suggestion, participants did these by themselves, and investigated the change of their bodies carefully.
    2. Result: participants¡¯ bodies began to change immediately; different persons have different speed, amplitude and result of their bodies¡¯ change. But there are some things in common:
      1. All participants found there was a wonderful change in their bodies. They felt positive and happy, spines were pulled up continuously, and eyes became brighter.
      2. Some even felt they would leave the ground into the sky since their spines were pulled up so hardly.
      3. Someone noticed that right thought could clean environment, such kind of thought made all-round as warm as spring, and air unusual fresh and clean.
      4. Some found immediately that there had been a great relationship between good effect such as growing higher and weight increment and the right thought of server the people.
      5. Some participants reported they were relaxed and free of worry, and their smile was from the deep of heart because of this healthy and aspirant idea.

  2. The experiment on the thought of doing bad
    1. Method: ¡°Ok. Please do a contrast test, think about another question now. Please think about how to do bad to hurt others, to profit yourself on the expense of others¡­¡±Participants did these as following principal investigator said, and investigated the change of their bodies carefully again.
    2. Result:
      1. Some felt nausea even before the principal investigator finished this words and their upright bodies actually liked as a deflated balloon.
      2. Some one felt chest blocking when thinking to do bad.
      3. Some participants¡¯ bodies shrank down.
      4. Some others found surrounding environment became very oppressive, and their bodies were discomfort, tired and weak etc.

  3. Conclusion
    Through the experiment of thought to do good and do bad in a group, participants proved by themselves:
    1. Whether the thought is right effects physical health directly. Physical health depends on thought health.
    2. The thought of do good is benefit to physical body, positive, happy, bright and ascending. While the thought of do bad breaks physical body, is descending and darksome.
    3. The thought of do good is healthy and right(scientific) thought, and the thought of do bad is unhealthy and wrong(unscientific) thought.

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