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About US
About Us
  We focus on research on the rules of health, longevity, contentment and happiness. During exploring human body and researching life, we have found many special life phenomenon by experiment and demonstration research method, and kept the records to these rare research information and data by camera, video. However, because of the limitation of research ability and condition, we caní»t research further and provide more scientific demonstration. So, we hope scientific research organization, researcher, all kinds of medias, professional websites and those interested in research life contact us, help us, support us in order to impel research further and expose and grasp the rules of life and benefit from them.
If you have taken real photos connected with the website topic, we are very glad that you contact us to provide more evidence.
E-mail: webmaster.hlch@gmail.com
Thanks for your support!
  Disclaimer and Statement of Acceptable Use  
  1. It is a website about scientific research on life. The principles are practical and realistic, scientific demonstration and actively exploration. We always follow that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

2. The website holds the copyright of all the originals (including articles, photos, video and audio files, etc). If any media and individual reproduce, disseminate, publish or transfer, in any form or by any means, please quote the original source. Doní»t distort and juggle the content of the website. Otherwise, legal liabilities shall be investigated in accordance with the law.
3. For contents quoted from other websites including articles and photos, if they violate your copyright, we will delete them as soon as possible.
4. For those who violate the declaration, they should be responsible for their action.

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