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  Physical Phenomena
The sun became UFO for an instant£¡
An orb with bright color and clear structure.
Collective orbs taken in the street, Jinan, Shandong province.
Chrysanthemum is giving out golden light!
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  Human body may shine, become transparent and be transformed into light. Many people think that these kinds of phenomena only appear in science fictions or fairy tales, but researchers have found similar phenomena in photos. Do they indicate the truth of life?  
Misty Body Phenomena

We found people with obvious shadow in many photos. These photos were shot at different time and different place.Why did the shadow appear?

Misty Body Phenonmena I
The people in this picture become vague, and virtual. You can see them sitting orderly in rows but it's hard to tell the individuals in the same row from one another. You can also observe clearly that each of them have several figures.
Misty Body Phenonmena II
Though a vague outline, the individuals and their changes in the pictures looks very clearly. They are covered with some special light and seem tidy and orderly. All of the light shift from the human body to top right...
Misty Body Phenonmena III
In this picture, the girl who dressed in yellow clothes and held a basin in her hands has become vague. However, the other people look very clearly. Why does this phenomenon appear?

Misty Body Phenonmena IV

The person in this picture appears three faces with the same expression and three figures with the same clothes. The faces are in the same direction.

    Transparent Human Body Play>>>   
Can human body become transparent? This is not science fiction, the photos maybe give the answer: some people become transparent with whole body, some people become transparent with part of his body.
    Unknown Ball of Light Play>>>     
On Jul. 17th 2007,CCTV of Ou Kai Electronice Co.LTD shot an unknown ball of light dropped down from the sky. It could changed into different shapes...[details]
Transparent Body Phenomenon
  Transparent body phenomenon has been found among the 54 photos. Someone became transparent on the head, neck, chest, belly, shoulder, arm, leg or hand, even someone became transparent all the body. Why did these people become transparent?  
transparent body transparent body
transparent body transparent body transparent body
Transparent Parts of Bodies

All Over the Body

In this picture, almost the whole body of person A becomes transparent. Except his right foot and part of right leg can be seen clearly, the other parts of his body become transparent.


In this picture, through the man¡¯s head we can see the windows opposite to him.
Part of the woman¡¯s head is also transparent. Through this part, you can see the person in the room far away.


For figure D, we can see a hand with chopsticks through the front person¡¯s body.


The man dressed in white clothes, his right leg can¡¯t be seen.


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