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Unknown Light Ball Appeared in Wujin, Changzhou
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Miss Fei, who works in government office, told the reporter that a mystery ball of light dropped down from the sky in the gate of Ou Kai Electric Appliance Co.LTD at 2:00am July 17th, 2007. The ball looks like wandering here and there. The size of it changed quickly and frequently. Later, the reporter saw the shining light ball on CCTV of the company. It lasted about ten minutes on the screen. A woman working on night shift was the unique witness.
Mystery Ball of Light
Luoyang County. Many people who work in the company have closed to the computer in the security office to see what had happened.
Through the monitor of CCTV system, the reporter saw there was an unknown object dropping down from the sky all of a sudden at 3:22am. It gave out white light falling down on the ground near the gate. At 3:23am, the shape of the ball changed gradually. It changed into abnormal shape, and then extended two protuberances from its bottom, like an abnormal sponge, scampered to the orient. About 3:26am, the ball of light appeared in the camera of CCTV again. It has contracted to a small size just like bowling ball. It wandered here and there with an irregular route. When a person walked out from the security office to check what was happening, it seemed the ball had been aware and skipped from one place to another place and became smaller and smaller to avoid to be found by the person. Finally, the little ball stopped above the security office for about 3 minutes until it disappeared.
The Sky Became Bright All at Once
Mr. Kou, the security guard, told the reporter he was on duty in the wee hours of that morning. About 3:17am, he suddenly saw it was lightened outside with red light. He felt very strange, so he walked out to check it but he found nothing. Then he went back. About 5 minutes later, he suddenly saw on the monitor that there was a glowing light ball dropped down from the sky. At the beginning, the ball was about as big as an advertisement balloon. Its diameter was about 1.5m. One minute later, the ball started to transform. It was really strange so that Mr. Kou ran out to see what had happened. But to his surprise, there was nothing there. Then, he went back to the office. Again, he saw the ball of light skipping on the screen. But the ball had become much less than before. All of these made Mr. Kou break out in a cold sweat.
In a village near the company, the reporter found the unique witness, an 18-year old girl. She still felt fear when recalled the mysterious ball of light. ¡°At that time, I am working in a workshop on the third floor. There was a little distance from the gate of the company to the building in which I am working. There was another building between them¡±, Ms Zhang said. She described, about 3:20am, she was sitting beside the window for work. Occasionally, she looked up and saw a fireball dropped down from the sky. It was bigger than a basket ball and looked very bright. Sheltered by the building, she just saw this flashy scene. She felt very scared at that moment.
Earthlight, Meteorolite or Lightning?
Mr. Jin who worked in Changzhou Earthquake Bureau said, according to the description of the reporter, he thought it wasn¡¯t the earthlight phenomenon appeared before earthquake. Maybe it was an atmospheric phenomenon. Mr. Jin said, earthlight phenomenon normally appeared in the sky above the hypocenter before serious earthquake and usually lasted several seconds. However, recently there was no heavy earthquake in Jiangsu province at all.
  Ms. Zhang who worked in Changzhou Weather Bureau said, there was a kind of ball lightning in nature, but this mysterious ball didn¡¯t look like lightning. When people discovered the ball of light, there was no thunder storm in Luoyang, Wujin. Ms. Zhang thought it was possible that the light was refracted and reflected so that some kind of optical atmospheric phenomenon was formed. Later, with these kinds of questions, the reporter consulted the specialist Wang Sichao, who worked in Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory.
  Mr. Wang said according to the description of the reporter, it was a very unusual phenomenon. As far as he known, this was the first time in China that two cameras simultaneously recorded the unknown ball of light in a short distance. Before this, most of the unknown balls of light were seen by the naked eyes in a far distance.
  Mr. Wang said just according to the ball dropping down with no voice we could exclude the Meteorolite phenomena.For most Meteorolite phenomena, the fireball would go out when they fell down at a certain altitude, companying with sound, and there would be left some materials on the ground. Secondly, we could exclude the possibility of optical atmospheric phenomenon, because the light ball dropping down had its own shape with stability and strong light, however optical atmospheric phenomenon commonly happened in the air with low light. Mr. Wang analyzed, only ball lightning was similar with this ball of light, however, it was not thunder storm weather at that night. So this situation could also be excluded. What on earth the ball was?

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