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Simple Analysis of the Effect of Thought to Body

One Chinese Spring Festival, it was the first time I visited an old man with great wisdom. Suddenly a disrespected idea of ¡°he looks so-so¡± appeared in my brain. That¡¯s done it, I felt my lower abdomen very uncomfortable, whole body off the virtual immediately. What¡¯s the problem? Was this idea wrong? I self-reflected and learnt that this idea came from my usually swaggering and self-satisfied manner. When I understood this shortcoming and determined to correct it, my lower abdomen did not feel sick any more, and my body recovered to normal but not as good as before.

Such similar experience is everywhere in my daily life. For example, because of negative mentality I unwill to accept other¡¯s advice when hearing criticism; I can¡¯t help to have a look while an opposite sex passing by. At that time, there are always some bad feelings in my body, such as nervous in lower abdomen, dazing, and blocking up in the chest. At the same time, I also felt upset.

Above is a classic example for change of thought leading change of body. The process of its change: bad thought arises¡ªbody feels uncomfortable¡ªreflection¡ªbad thought is removed¡ªgood thought emerges¡ªbody is recovered. It is a continuous U-shaped change process. Why there is such a change? Human body is orderly system with its own movement rule and rhythm. Emergence of bad thought just likes a flying stone breaking a quiet lake; this disordered thought wave damages the order of our body to cause it discomfort. But why does only lower abdomen feel sick? It might because waves of this kind of thought damage one part of body abdomen. Different waves have different effect on different body parts; this is in accordance with theory of wave movement. Since different structure, site, characters and functions of each body part, such as five Zang-organs and six Fu-organs, it has distinct length and frequency of wave, and has different response to different wave. In ancient China, people have already understood it well and implement it in real life. From view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, all human activities of spirit, consciousness and thinking, reflect physiological function of viscera. So it divides spirit into five aspects corresponding five viscera, namely the heart storing spirit, the lung storing corporeal soul, the liver storing etereal soul, the spleen storing consciousness and the kidney storing will ( The Yellow Emperor¡¯s Inner Classic: Plain Questions Chapter on the Five Energies). From View of Traditional Chinese Medicine, too much emotion could damage viscera. Excessive joy impairs the heart; excessive anger impairs the liver; excessive contemplation impairs the spleen; excessive grief impairs the lung and excessive fear impairs the kidney.

Then what kind of thought is benign? How to measure it?
There has even been an experiment: When thinking to love our party and our country, do more good for people, participants found that they became very happy, surrounding was warm as in spring, air waw extraordinary fresh and clean, their bodies became strange while sitting there, and smile from deep of heart was on face. But when they want to do bad and gain benefits at the expense of others, their straight bodies deflated, they felt weak, even sick.

This experiment proved that the thought of thinking about others and the thought of gaining benefits at the expense of others are different. The former is benign, and the later is malignant.

Human body is very clean, pure and ordered, and its emitted thought wave is also very ordered and regular. Weather to others or oneself, such wave can bring fine effect to body¡¯s cells and molecules. Ordered fine thought, likes an excellent drummer in symphony orchestra who can make all instruments to play in a same rhythm, will let body¡¯s cells and molecules arranged more regularly, moving more orderly and more vigorously. Moreover, it prompts immune system to improve vitality to eliminate and export ill products, which obstruct ordering of human body. On the contrary, the wave of thought to gain benefits at the expense of others is out-of-order and mussy. As same as noise, it will damage ordering of body¡¯s cells and molecules and their normal function.


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