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The Practice of Thought for Others

Abstract: After studying and practicing my own thought, I found thought is not only human¡¯s conscious activity, but also a kind of material. It is an energy carrier, and can effect directly to human body and action. Thought could be fully touched, perceived, changed, controlled, developed and adjusted. Right (scientific) thought is programmed. But only when scientific thought integrates with and keep uniform with physical body and action, it will bring strong effect and huge change to life and living. We also found the tighter they link, the stronger positive effect the thought has.


As a conscious activity, thought has its own features and rules. All of our life, studying and working etc are under the control and effect of our thought, directly or indirectly. Thought is regarded as a person¡¯s commander, so it is very important to study and understand our own thought! Thought might be the one of most complex and most high-level living activities. How to study thought? The author began from recording his own thought, then adjusting and studying it, and has gotten some interesting results.

Thought could be classified simply into right (scientific, advanced) thought and wrong (unscientific, backward) thought.

  • The right (scientific, advanced) thought: It conforms to laws of life movement, such as thinking about others, working honestly and being happy to help other without repayment. This kind of thought will bring beneficial and healthy effect to ourselves, others and surrounding environment.
  • The wrong (unscientific, backward) thought: this kind of thought, such as selfishness, pleasure-seeking and reaping without sowing, breaks laws of physical body¡¯s movement. It will do harm to, even destroy ourselves, others and the surrounding.

The way of our thinking is right only when it obeys rules of its own movement. Correct thought will bring good effect and change to our bodies, huge improvement to body function and health status. To obtain a right thought, we have to understand at first what is right thought, what are characteristics of law of right thought movement, and the way to reach right(scientific) thought.

Moreover, right (scientific) thought must integrate with our own action, in another word, thought keep uniform with action, then it will bring huge positive effect and change to our bodies. If what we are thinking disaccord with what we are doing at the moment, it will only damage our bodies, work and living. But if we think over and never act out, this is only a fantasy, only produce and strengthen FC thought (Fantastic and Capricious thought), inherent thought, and inertial thought.

Practice of thought

  1. Content of my thought: ¡°It is most advanced knowledge to think for others.¡± This was my major thought to practice and study.
  2. Period of practicing: from 10/01/2007 to 10/29/2007.
  3. Ways of practicing: This thought played a leading role in my daily life and work. I checked and summarized in time if all what I was doing thought for others, if there were some selfish thinking. I recorded and studied my thought and actions in that day before going to bed. At the beginning, I always reminded myself to think for others in daily life and work, and put it into action immediately, the thinking for others became gradually my active, natural latent thought. The most important is not only thinking for others merely, but also implementing and practicing the thought for others. I focused on my behaviors and coordination thought and action.
  4. Part details of practice:
    1. As a human being, how could I do? What kind of person I want to be? The first step is to think for others.
    2. How could I do will have advantage to others and our society?
    3. How Could I really think for my teacher, parents, bothers and sisters, relatives and friends? How could I not increase their burden, but bring them interest?
    4. In my work, what I thought about is how I could provide help to my team and colleagues when discussing with them. It was not to sell my opinions, not to impose my views to them, not to show off, but do with frankness and enthusiasm. In addition to do my own work well, I tried to help others actively. What I hoped was not appreciation or repayment from others, but only they were content and happy, we together could do things better. For dirty, heavy and difficult works, I always rushed to do them, and enjoyed doing them.
    5. In the daily life, what I thought is how to prepare meal not to meet my taste, but to other families¡¯ taste while cooking. I also thought for my child when playing with her. What does she need in her age? I did not force her to accept my points.
  5. Part of acquisitions during and after the practice.
    1. During working, I did not consider for myself at first. I did not think about it would bring how much more workload and burden, how much influence to my work, and how tried I might be. Of course, I had nothing to do with all discontent and sentiment from other persons, did not recognize them. On the contrary side, I had not any discontent or sentiment to others. Only continuing to work! Devoting myself to work, I forget myself, not thirsty, not hungry, no doze. My spirit was better and happier. Sometimes, I even wanted to sing and laugh. I never thought that I was doing good and I was thinking for others. Only thing in my brain was how to work excellently, how to think more for others, and how to gain more achievement. I looked very busy and hardest, but I was happiest and had a most wonderful life in fact. I knew where I was and what I was doing. I have killed most sentiment with fastest speed, and most thoroughly. I have killed laggard myself and created real myself. Working is doing exercise, working is behaving oneself. It is a process of eliminating the false and retaining the true, discarding the dross and selecting the essential. It is a process of tempering and purifying myself again and again. It is also the process of success. It is most pleasant to bring health to myself and achievements to people, even sacrifice myself.
    2. Then, I found my work was done better, and with more facility. Working routine was clearer, more scientific routines were established and perfected. I finished tasks more efficiently, and more achievements sprang up. My mind became more clearly and there were less confusion and interfere in my brain. My mind became more purified and cleaner, reacted more quickly. There were more ways to solve problems, the thought had more energy. My body coordinated with thought more tightly. The ability of self-control became more strong, and I found some difficult habits and errors became easy to be corrected. I became more self-confident and worked more actively. The road before me became wider, and I was happier. My abdomen became stronger and bigger unawares. My body was fat, agile, and harmonious. My chest became tall and straight, and muscle became sinewy. Muscle in two sides of back, especial near waist was firm. There was more Vital QI in my body. There were also more things done well, and always uncontemplated harvest and changement.
    3. Relations with superiors, colleagues and my family were more harmonious. They all provided more help to me. In company, colleagues liked me, and at home, my family all liked me. I got more frankly friendship after paying sincerity and work.


  1. The first step of life and living is to learn a human being after being born, to learn be a scientific, gracious, separating from blue interest, and advanced person. One issue is ¡°It is most advanced knowledge thinking for others¡±. This is extreme true! It includes vast and extensive artistic conception and connotation. I only implemented a little part of it and in a very short period of time (one month), but got very excellent result. And I think what I have done is not enough.
  2. Right (scientific) thought must coordinate with physical body and action tightly, and then it will product its strong positive effect. This effect is not only benefit to physical body, but also working and society.
  3. Right (scientific) thought has advanced and strict routine.
  4. Human thought is flexible, and it depends on oneself to become a good man or a bad man. The fate is controlled by oneself. The advance of thought and how to grasp it is studying one¡¯s own inward world, one¡¯s own thought activities. It is not to pay attention to and change others, but to study and reform oneself.
  5. Right thought has its energy. It can make physical body health, develop wisdom, and improve body functions.
  6. It is not really happy to think about oneself only. Contentment is not only owning rich material, but also inner happy, active devoting.


For our health, it is very urgent to study thought deeply, recognize thought correctly, implement it, and especially to our own thought. Since our thought exists at all times, the former thought has influenced our health and fate, the current thought is affecting ourselves now. If not adjust, the future will continue current pattern. Starting from recording and studying your own thought, starting from trying to coordinate thought with actions, you will win unexpected harvests and breakthroughs.


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