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Some questions about thought
  • Do you know about and control your own thought? What you want and what you think are under your control?
  • Current thought in your brain is a real yourself? Is it your real, inner, long-term requirement?
  • What is the definition of thought? What is the thought on earth?
  • Where does human thought come from? How does it change and develop?
  • How does thought classify? What kind of human thought will appear and come into being?
  • What is scientific, right and advanced thought?
  • How to adjust, improve and change the thought? How to master advanced and scientific thought?
  • Do thought have energy?
  • Why Thought from different persons has different effect to their physical body?
  • Why different thought causes different result?
  • Is the thought a kind of substance?
  • What is the relationship between thought and physical body?
  • What¡¯s the effect from thought to physical body?
  • What is the special part of thought existence?
  • What is material base of thought?
  • Is there thought only in brain of our body?
  • What is the detailed process of thinking?
  • Do thought have its own material shape? What is the orbit of thinking?
  • How to apply the effect and power of thought?
  • Does our own thought only have an effect to ourselves? Does it have effect to others and surroundings also? What kind of effect? How to prevent bad effect to others and surroundings? How to avoid effect from other¡¯s bad thought?

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