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The Practice of Thought for Others

From 1994, Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto, refrigerated different kinds of natural water and shot photos with a high-speed camera as the droplets began to freeze. He demonstrated that water can copy, memorize, feel and communicate information. He also found that different thinking and consciousness can make water to form different water crystals. 60~75% of our bodies is water, so thought can effect our bodies as well.

Let have a look the following contrastive photos to understand effect of different thought and consciousness to water crystals.

1£®The information of love and gratitude was conveyed to water when we stuck notes written with love and gratitude with German, Japanese and English to experimental dishes with water. Soon after, water crystals were beautiful hexagons.


Gratitude(Japanese)         Gratitude(English)

2. However, water hardly formed crystals when stuck with label of you fool. We can find difference of thank you and you fool through following two photos.

3£®Water was hardly to form crystals when hearing such daily fashionable words by young people such as you make me sick, disgusting, I will kill you. This means these fashionable words are not really good.

4£®Let¡¯s compare water crystal photos of like and hate.

The left water crystal looks so happy to open its heart when watching the word of like. In the meaning while, the right water crystal look self-isolated to form a hole in the center when watching the word of hate. Two different thoughts have gotten two distinct water crystals.

5£®Let¡¯s have a look another comparing experiment of saying nice words and dirty words.

Put rice into two glass bottles. Let one child say thank you everyday to the bottle with tape thank you, and let another child say you fool everyday to the bottle noted with you fool. One month later, the rice labeled with thank you changed to yellow and emitted smell of koji, but rice in another bottle with words you fool changed to black and release an odious smell. This experiment proved that thank you helps to keep things fresh, but the words of you fool can damage things.


6£®The following is a group of comparing photos for praising. Water comes from a lake in Oklahoma, USA. Water could not form crystals before praising.

Photos of water crystals during praising and after praising.

7£®This is a group of water crystals photos with words praising, very beautiful.

praising                              very beautiful

From above, we find that it will bring fine and harmonious effect to people and surrounding when we say good words or we just want to say. It plays an active role to prompt building a harmonious society.

8£®We know the work efficiency is very high when we concentrate our attention. What will happen when labeling the words of concentrate one¡¯s attention? The result is that getting very big water crystals. It is so big that lens with same enlargement ratio can not capture it. the following right water crystal photo is shoot by a low ratio. It corresponds with high efficiency of focusing on doing something, and explains to us that thought of doing best has very strong energy.

9£®Here is a group of distant blessing photos, which can demonstrate more that fine thought and consciousness affect surrounding unimaginably. At two o¡¯clock in the afternoon on Feb. 2, 1997, 500 persons thought a cup of water in Dr. Emoto¡¯s office at the same time from various areas. Everyone thought ¡°water become clear, thanks.¡±

Above two photos are water crystals of before and after blessing, the difference is so huge to make people dumbfounded. Has someone ever thought that fine thought could blossom such beautiful flower?

10£®After Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, there have been many blessing and praying activities organized spontaneously all over the country. These activities not only helped earthquake victims very much, but also contributed a lot to inspire our national spirit and force.

We can also understand power of blessing from water crystals experiment of Kubo earthquake on Jan 17, 1995. From Dr. Emoto¡¯report, water crystals photos, taken occasionally on tap water from Kubo after three days of earthquake, showed that water seemed to absorb victims¡¯horror, confusion and great sadness, and it¡¯s crystals were fully destroyed as the left photo.

Water crystals photos in three days after earthquake, water crystals photos in three months after earthquake

From these photos, it is obvious that the environment in Kubo has changed much because of sincere blessing from all over the world after earthquake. The power of blessing is out of our expectation. So, fine thought and consciousness can promote to restore victims and environment in disaster. It is a topic we need to pay more attention to.

Through plenty of water crystals photos, Water Knows the Answer has provided that there is a close relation between the thought and our living surrounding. To make the world more beautiful, we need to live obeying the rules of life and nature. We have to have a fine heart, say good words and do good. We have to be kind to everyone and everything nearby to build a harmonious and beautiful society.

Comment: All photos in this article are from Water Knows the Answer.


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